No calorie counting, No exercise, No side effects, No starving

A secret and effective weight loss system that has helped 12,000 people

With over 12,000 satisfied customers, I am confident that my unique weight loss system works.
My clients average a loss of 30-50 lbs in the first three months without exercising.
I believe you can achieve similar results which is why I am challenging you – undergo your transformation or get your money back!


In this program, you will discover:

🟢 How to lose 20/30/40+ lbs in 60-90 days without exercising and without the yo-yo effect

🟢 How to lose weight quickly and easily without counting calories, starving, and eating 5 meals a day

🟢 How to eliminate fatigue once and for all, feel less sleepy, and burst with energy throughout the day

🟢 How to prepare tasty, healthy, and slimming meals quickly and easily

🟢 How to eat only 1-2 meals a day without feeling hungry

🟢 How to achieve lasting results without fancy diets and expensive, complicated meals

🟢 How to overcome sweet cravings, stick to a diet, and avoid getting bored

You Can Do It Too!

-31 lbs in 2.5 months

-132 lbs in 10 months

-35 lbs in 58 days

-40 lbs in 3 months

-35 lbs in 3 months

-176 lbs in 10 months

With my help, over 12,000 people have entered a state of ketosis.

that's about how much weight (lbs) my clients lose annually
approx how many individuals I successfully guide into ketosis each year
years I've been personally following keto with incredible results

Are you facing these problems?

❌ Diets from dietitians don’t deliver lasting results for you

❌ You keep gaining weight, even though you’re on a caloric deficit

❌ Your diet worked once, then you experienced a yo-yo effect, despite eating the same

❌ Overwhelmed by the cost of fancy diets that eventually don’t yield results?

Or perhaps…

👉 You want to try the keto diet, but feel overwhelmed by the amount of information online?

👉 Unsure about what supplements to take while on keto

👉 The keto diet isn’t working for you, leaving you feeling weak and gaining weight

Why KetoGenius Diet 2.0?

Likewise, as thousands of my clients, you also…

🔴 Want to improve your life quality. Have tons of energy, enjoy delicious food, and fulfill your dreams.

🔴 Prefer to eat what you have in your fridge, rather than what you might not like… but have to, because someone told you to.

🔴 Desire to buy clothes you like, not just those that are the largest size available in the store.

🔴 Wish you had more time for yourself and family, but unfortunately need to prepare meals for the next day after work and then head to the gym.

🔴 Care about feeling attractive, rather than constantly hearing “You don’t look that bad yet”.

🔴 Want to spend more time on your hobbies, but a lack of energy and chronic fatigue are stopping you.

🔴Want to feel like a “tiger,” not like a “bear” coming out of hibernation.

Let me show you what you need to do.

But first…

Remember, knowledge alone will not change anything!

If you follow the principles I talk about, I am 100% convinced that within 14 days you WILL LOSE UP TO 13-22 lbs and be bursting with the energy of a teenager.

I'll show you a UNIQUE and SIMPLE nutrition method that has helped thousands achieve a movie star figure in just 12 weeks max!

And you'll see the first results in just one week!

❌ Now you are here

You’ve tried various expensive diets that didn’t bring lasting results. Perhaps you’ve tried keto but felt weak and didn’t lose weight.

✅ After the program you’ll be here

You’re bursting with energy and have the strength for your hobbies. You eat what you enjoy, and you can buy it in any store. You’ve managed to lose a significant amount of weight and feel attractive, without any yo-yo effect.

This nutrition system is a powerhouse for weight loss and regaining energy.

1️⃣ Visible results after just one week without feeling hungry.

2️⃣ Structured knowledge prepared by a specialist who helped over 12,000 people enter ketosis.

3️⃣ You decide how your food tastes and you can buy the ingredients in any store.


Be prepared for your friends to ask, “How is this possible in such a short time? You look incredible!”

With my help, over 12,000 people have entered ketosis.

Organize your health together with a dietitian with a scientific background!

I am George Klonek. I tackle the most difficult cases. Where others give up, that’s where I step in.

I graduated from the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice. I specialize in keto, LCHF, and IF diets tailored to the patient’s test results.

I understand the challenges obese people face. I was very obese myself. A few years ago, I weighed 138 kg. Despite a strict diet, I couldn’t lose my excess weight until I learned about insulin resistance, among other things.

My diet is highly effective in weight reduction and improving health markers.

Main areas of expertise: weight reduction, insulin resistance, diabetes, PCOS, hypothyroidism, cancers, infertility. The efficacy and efficiency of my ketogenic diet have been documented in a scientific paper available on PUB MED titled: The Effects of a Low-Calorie Ketogenic Diet on Glycaemic Control Variables in Hyperinsulinemic Overweight/Obese Females.

My hobbies outside of diet therapy include judo, BJJ, boxing, and working with dogs.

British writer and Nobel laureate William Golding once said, “The greatest ideas are the simplest.” Someone who understands that customers expect SIMPLE solutions - wins!

What exactly will you get by joining the program?

Projekt bez nazwy

Ketogenius Diet Course 2.0 [Value 700 USD]

  • 10h of substantive, concrete, and condensed knowledge recorded by an expert
  • 4 studio-recorded video modules that will guide you through the transformation process
  • 22 main recordings + 23 bonus ones based on experience from working with 12,000 clients
  • A ready-to-implement system that you can apply immediately for quick results
  • This is the only diet and weight loss system you need; you don’t have to look any further
  • This is the only diet that uses the body’s natural mechanisms, allowing you to lose weight without a significant deficit, starvation, or exhaustion

Additionally, you’ll receive:

Amazing Bonuses that will accelerate your success:

✅ Bonus 1 - “Cook Fast, Lose Weight Faster” [Value 200 USD]

  • Over 50 Ketogenic recipes
  • Power Soup – a ketogenic broth
  • Recipes for your kids
  • Holiday recipes
  • Keto Meal Plan – Recipes for 10 days

✅ Bonus 2 - “Shopping for Taste and Savings” [Value 150 USD]

  • Shopping list/products for weight reduction: the first 3-4 weeks
  • Shopping list/products for weight reduction: the following weeks
  • Shopping list/products allowed in the Ketogenius diet

✅ Bonus 3 - “Progress Measurement” [Value 200 USD]

  • Video – Which tests to take?

  • PDF – Tests before the diet

  • Video – Interpretation of results

  • Sugar measurement chart

  • Reduction measurement chart

✅ Bonus 4 – “Master Supplementation” [Value 150 USD]

  • PDF – How to dose vitamins?
  • 4 Videos on supplementation

✅ Bonus 5 “Boost Your Success” [Value 200 USD]

  • PDF – The ABCs of the ketogenic diet
  • PDF – Tips for the ketogenic diet

✅ Bonus 6 “Expert Knowledge” [Value 300 USD]

  • Video – Symptoms and consequences of insulin resistance
  • Video – How insulin resistance develops
  • Video – Insulin resistance, the epidemic of the 21st century
  • Video – IR Diagnosis and what to do next
  • Video – How to support thyroid function?
  • Video – Why does metabolism decrease?
  • Video – How to boost metabolism?
  • Video – Why it’s worth limiting carbs?
  • Video – Glycemic indexes

Total course value with bonuses: 1900 USD

Take a peek inside,

Check if the quality of the materials suits you

This online training consists of several modules. The biggest advantage of the course is its simplicity and effectiveness. It works even if you’ve never tried to lose weight before, have never tried a keto diet, and don’t know where to start.

They've already changed their life. Now it's your turn!

Why would you join this program when there’s so much free knowledge online…

  • Keto knowledge on YouTube and other courses is incomplete and unorganized. Essential details are missing, which I cover.
  • Many “experts” perpetuate the misconception
    that ketogenic diets are about calories… causing people not to achieve ketosis.
  • Knowledge shared by “influencers” is paraphrased book knowledge. Incorrect information not backed by experience is being replicated

Would you rather venture into ketosis on your own, searching the internet, or under the guidance of a specialist who has helped over 12,000 patients?

✅ I will guide you through the entire process of entering ketosis. Even if you are a beginner and starting from scratch – you will learn the basics of the diet

✅ You will create your nutrition plan, with foods you enjoy, without complicated menus

✅ You’ll prepare meals in 10 15 minutes with products available in any store

✅ You will take care of supplementation,
which is incredibly important but often neglected

This nutrition model is for you if:

  • You’re tired of constant cooking. On my diet, you’ll eat 2-3 meals a day.
  • You’re looking for a diet that allows you to eat at any time, adjusting food to your daily rhythm.
  • You want to boost your energy and forget about post-lunch naps.
  • You want to properly do KETO, in a simple way without counting calories and macros
  • You want to reverse diabetes, normalize your glucose level to that of a healthy individual
  • If you want to get rid of hypertension.
  • You don’t eat meat and want to do KETO VEGE
  • You don’t want to waste the effects of your diet on all-inclusive vacations.
  • You want to lose weight with very high insulin resistance, without the yo-yo effect.
  • You want to reduce inflammation, improve skin quality, sleep, and balance your sex hormones.
  • You want to learn to make simple meals with products available in any nearby store.

Discover reviews from people who have already tried my services



LIFETIME access to the course

You’re not just buying a course, but a system that will cause transformation, and might even save your life. How much do you value your health and well-being?

1) Get inside, decide after 30 days if it was worth it, and if not:

👉 I’ll immediately refund your money no questions asked.

2) If within 14 days you don’t lose at least 8 lbs and don’t increase your energy*:

👉 I’ll immediately refund your money no questions asked.

*You must go through the entire course, apply the knowledge in practice, and adhere to the guidelines for at least 30 days.

I offer such a crazy guarantee because I know: my method is effective, it defends itself,
and you will achieve your results. Otherwise, offering such a guarantee would not be profitable for me 🙂

In other words – you risk nothing and can only gain, I take the risk 🙂

I’m probably the only dietitian in the US who can fully guarantee results after their course or your money back.

Order now and start your ketogenic diet today!

Projekt bez nazwy

After the purchase, you’ll gain access to the panel where you can go through all the lessons.

Yes. The entire program will be available on the platform, including 22 main lessons + 23 bonus lessons, so I’m rooting for you to tackle the course in one go 😉

Certainly. In this case, please contact me individually via email.

The online program is primarily meant to serve its participants. Everything is explained in a really simple and understandable way. It’s up to you how quickly you implement the conveyed information.

The entire course will be available on the VOD platform. You can start going through it immediately after receiving access (after the payment is processed).

Of course. This program comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Lifetime – to maximize your motivation to quickly go through the material and implement specific tips.

Payments can be made through the online shop, to which you will be redirected from the sales page.