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Dieta KetoGenialna 2.0 - Specjalna promocja   × 1 397,00
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  • PayU jest wiodącym dostawcą usług płatniczych obecnym na 16 rozwijających się rynkach na całym świecie.

Twoje dane osobowe będą użyte do przetworzenia twojego zamówienia, obsługi twojej wizyty na naszej stronie oraz dla innych celów o których mówi nasza polityka prywatności.

1) Get inside, decide after 30 days if it was worth it, and if not:

👉 I’ll immediately refund your money no questions asked.

2) If within 14 days you don’t lose at least 8 lbs and don’t increase your energy*:

👉 I’ll immediately refund your money no questions asked.

*You must go through the entire course, apply the knowledge in practice, and adhere to the guidelines for at least 30 days.

I offer such a crazy guarantee because I know: my method is effective, it defends itself,
and you will achieve your results. Otherwise, offering such a guarantee would not be profitable for me 🙂

What will you get?

Ready to implement an effective weight loss system along with 6 valuable bonuses. Covered by 2 guarantees that protect you in any case.

Thanks to the program, you will learn:


"I am full of admiration for Grzegorz's ability to interpret results. Arriving at his consultation, I had hypertension, hypothyroidism, and problems with carpal tunnel syndrome. All these ailments have subsided, and along with them, 32 lbs. I am writing this review after more than two months since expanding my diet, and no, I do not have a yo-yo effect."
Patricia Jablonska
"For me, it's great. 45 lbs in 3 months... you have to stick to the recommendations and everything works. Grzegorz is great, understands a lot, answers all my questions.... I feel great, all my results are okay. What more could you want? :)"
Maria Wroblewska
"I heartily recommend to everyone who is still considering changing their diet to allow Grzegorz to surround them with his support. Consultations take place in a friendly atmosphere where he explains all the details of the diet and answers all questions. During the diet, there is no problem with contact; he replies to messages with questions. In my case, I lost 28 lbs in 6 weeks, and I haven't had my last word yet. Thank you, Grzegorz, let's keep going! 🤝👍"
Woj Ryba

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