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Dieta KetoGenialna 2.0 - Specjalna promocja   × 1 397,00
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1) Get inside, decide after 30 days if it was worth it, and if not:

👉 I’ll immediately refund your money no questions asked.

2) If within 14 days you don’t lose at least 8 lbs and don’t increase your energy*:

👉 I’ll immediately refund your money no questions asked.

*You must go through the entire course, apply the knowledge in practice, and adhere to the guidelines for at least 30 days.

I offer such a crazy guarantee because I know: my method is effective, it defends itself,
and you will achieve your results. Otherwise, offering such a guarantee would not be profitable for me 🙂

What will you get?

Ready to implement an effective weight loss system along with 6 valuable bonuses. Covered by 2 guarantees that protect you in any case.

Thanks to the program, you will learn:


"I am full of admiration for Grzegorz's ability to interpret results. Arriving at his consultation, I had hypertension, hypothyroidism, and problems with carpal tunnel syndrome. All these ailments have subsided, and along with them, 32 lbs. I am writing this review after more than two months since expanding my diet, and no, I do not have a yo-yo effect."
Patricia Jablonska
"For me, it's great. 45 lbs in 3 months... you have to stick to the recommendations and everything works. Grzegorz is great, understands a lot, answers all my questions.... I feel great, all my results are okay. What more could you want? :)"
Maria Wroblewska
"I heartily recommend to everyone who is still considering changing their diet to allow Grzegorz to surround them with his support. Consultations take place in a friendly atmosphere where he explains all the details of the diet and answers all questions. During the diet, there is no problem with contact; he replies to messages with questions. In my case, I lost 28 lbs in 6 weeks, and I haven't had my last word yet. Thank you, Grzegorz, let's keep going! 🤝👍"
Woj Ryba

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